BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE E Series BRITe Halogen Surgical Lights

BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE E Series BRITe Halogen Surgical Lights

BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE E Series BRITe Halogen Surgical Lights

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For every field of application

BERCHTOLD Reflective Illumination Technology (BRITe™) reflects unwanted, warm IR radiation directly back to the filament “recycling” the heat to allow additional beams of light to be emitted, with only the cooler, visible ones exiting the lighting system. The E650, E550, E520 models thus have up to 50% greater intensity than conventional halogen lights, but with the same energy consumption and light head temperature. CHROMOPHARE BRITe™ surgical lights provide intensity of up to 160,000 Lux and light field diameters of up to 28 cm.

The E-Series surgical lights are available in many combinations and configurations including ceiling mounted, wall mounted and mobile mounted.

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The best light for every application

The surgeon in the operating room must be able to recognize contours, colours and tissue structures accurately. For this, surgeons need cool, daylight-quality light as well as light fields and illumination levels precisely tailored to different surgical situations.

As a pioneer in the field of OR-field illumination, BERCHTOLD meets all the requirements for lighting conditions in the OR. With our extensive range of surgical lighting and our decades of experience, we set standards.

More light, high quality and efficient

CHROMOPHARE® lights achieve an increase in Illumination intensity compared to conventional lamps of up to 50% (BRITeTM) and up to 55% (HID) at a constant energy consumption and the same light head temperature. An enormous increase in quality and efficiency of modern surgical lighting technology, which is especially visible in large and deep surgical fields.

More safety, durable and reliable with a backup solution

HID and BRITeTM technology lighting elements are durable. A sophisticated backup solution effectively prevents an intraoperative loss of light. If the first light source fails, a switching mechanism automatically activates a second light source that is swung into the optical centre of the lamp within milliseconds. This means you have unlimited illumination, even on the reserve lamp.