BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE F Generation Hybrid Surgical Lights

BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE F Generation Hybrid Surgical Lights

BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE F Generation Hybrid Surgical Lights

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BERCHTOLD have combined their innovative and proven reflector technology with the latest LED technology to produce the CHROMOPHARE® F-Generation Surgical Lights. This revolutionary combination has resulted in producing a glare-free surgical light where colour-cast shadows in the surgical field are reduced to a minimum. This latest BERCHTOLD surgical light can produce a light intensity of up to 160,000 Lux using energy saving long life LED modules which have a life time of approximately 40,000 hours.

The F-Generation surgical lights can be used in many combinations to offer the optimum solution for individual requirements. The lights are available in ceiling, wall and even mobile configurations.

Optional extras include the wireless HD ChromoVision camera systems, wall control and monitors.

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Excellent light quality thanks to the innovative hybrid light technology ensures concentrated working.


Four different colour temperatures can be chosen via Color Select as needed.


The LEDs of the newest generation save energy and produce almost no heat.


OR lights can be combined with each other in any way and with camera system and monitors. They can be attached to the ceiling or wall. Mobile lights are also available as an option.


An average LED lifetime of 40,000 hours provides reliability and investment security.


A handle that can be sterilised and the rail that goes around the light let you position the light head with ease. Unrestricted rotation of the light head around its own axis ensures more freedom of movement.


Quick, convenient and intuitive light settings for efficient workflows in the OR.


ChromoVision® cameras offer multimedia and interactive communication in the OR.