Dr Mach LED 2 SC Theatre Light

Dr Mach LED 2 SC Theatre Light

Dr Mach LED 2 SC Theatre Light

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The LED 2 SC can adjust the size of the light field.


Our powerful LED-technology helps keeping a cool head through an almost inexistent heat development in the surgeon’s head area and wound field.


Through our LED-technology we guarantee a life-span of minimum 40.000 hours. It reduces the costs for exchanging and replacing the illuminants. Compared with the conventional halogen technology power consumption could be reduced partially by more than 50%.


There is all at a glance with the key pad on the lamp housing. Several light functions can be adjusted electronically, such as: switching on and off, illumination in depth, laser pointer, electronic light intensity control, endo-light, changing the colour or sync function. Here all functions are bundled efficiently.

Technical Data

Light intensity Lux at 1 meter distance: 115.000
Colour rendering index Ra: 95
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 4500
Dimming range (%): 5-100
Number of LED’s: 21
Focusable size of the light field (in cm): 17-28
Total power consumption (W): 30
Life-span of the LED’s (h) ≥40.000
Working distance (in cm): 60-150