STRYKER SLX528/SLX628 operating light

STRYKER SLX528/SLX628 operating light

STRYKER SLX528/SLX628 operating light

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The SLX surgical lights combine innovative features to provide excellent light quality for your surgical team. With many options to customise, configure, and control your light, you can now enhance your OR experience.

Engineered to improve visibility

Harnessing the power of Precision Beam Technology our SLX surgical lights produce up to 650 overlapping beams of light delivering a homogenous column of light while minimising shadows on the surgical field.

Configured to your needs

With a dedicated team of design consultants and hundreds of mounting and suspension configurations, we can customise a lighting solution to your design requirements. Optional features like touch wall control, in-light camera, and the EndoLite feature, let’s you customize the surgical lighting in your OR. The SLX Surgical Light is built on a suspension that is designed to support you through future surgical light head innovation. With Stryker, you can feel confident in your light platform investment.

More control

Put more control in your surgeon’s hands with the new Sterile Control +. Customize your light handle to allow for sterile control of four functions. Options include: brightness, spot size, power, color temperature or EndoLite. Additionally all the features can be controlled from the touch wall control or with iSuite integration system.